SMedia Website Design Services

I offer website design services for Schools, Individuals and Small Business, providing a cost effective and high quality service for clients working with an eye on their budget.  Your website will be design appropriate, intuitive to use and can be 100% managed and updated by you. Or if you prefer, I can work with you on a monthly / quarterly basis to keep your website fresh and dynamic with content and images, or video.

How does it work?

Call us to discuss your website requirements and I’ll give you an indication of pricing, and discuss how I can help you with:

  • Creating the appropriate design of your new website’s look and feel, and navigation and site structure.
  • Design, sourcing and editing of required imagery, and video media if required
  • Website Copywriting consultancy
  • Implementation of social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter for example
  • Effective SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
  • Brand book identity
  • Video Media

How much does a website cost?

The design of your website starts from £399, and if you simply require, for example, a standard 5 page site, then this is really what you may well indeed pay.  There are no hidden charges at SMEedia and you won’t find your price suddenly doubling after various ‘unexplained‘ charges have been added (*).

Typically you will provide all word content, a logo and some images, and I’ll discuss with you the overall look and feel required for your website.

If you require SMEedia to help with copywriting, or to create a logo, or source and edit all images for your site, then this will be charged at £25 per hour.

When finished you will have a website that can be easily updated by you with no more money to be paid.

(*Website design cost DOES NOT include Hosting and Domain registration)

Let SMEedia Content Manage your website for you

Even though you will have a website that allows you to manage all your site content, why not let us keep your site content fresh and dynamic and make sure it’s all working as it should.  All you have to do it email us the information to update and we’ll do it for you.  We currently content manage some customer sites and they sometimes pay as little as £50 per month.

What happens next?

Contact Carl on 0774 763 7448 or email