Photos for Chief Inspector Karen Stevenson

Parking around Carlisle Street particularly when an event on at Longton Park (Queens Park) and sometimes it’s worse than this..!!

Something really needs doing ref the parking of cars in Dresden near the park.  You ask any resident and you’ll hear the same thing said.  Parking on pavements, dangerous parking, blocking access, blocking cars in, junctions being illegally parked on, people driving like lunatics.

How can the below image not be an example of dangerous and illegal parking and driving?

I have seen people with pushchairs and mobility buggies struggle or fail to use the pavement due to stupid parking.

Both dangerous to pedestrians and drivers.  How can parking 1 meter away from a junction be safe and legal, particularly when young idiots drive up Carlisle street like maniacs.

Accident waiting to happen

Pavement access severely restricted due to illegal parking on pavement

Drivers parked on both sides of pavement, right up to junction and reducing the road to single track.


Some pictures from today 18th August 2019

Yellow Lines In Place

At the top of Carlisle Street and the corner with Cocknage Road, there are yellow lines in place.  If parking on a corner junction is legal, why are these yellow lines in place?