Managed Website & Multimedia Services

Managed Website Services

From as little as £25 for one hour

  • Do you need Managed Website Services?
  • Do you have plenty of creativity and ideas, but not the technical ability to implement?
  • Do you have a Small Business but just haven't got the resource to manage your website keeping it up to date and dynamic?
  • Ever thought about having someone specifically Content Manage your website?
  • Do you need to regularly produce Marketing and Sales brochures & media but just don't seem to have the time or staff available to do it?
  • Do you want someone to come to your premises and be able to help with whatever Multimedia problems you require assistance with.?
  • Does yours Sales & Marketing team need a Multimedia resource who can produce all the media and related activities that their sales strategies require?

For example:

  • Manage your website's content keeping it up to date and search engine happy
  • Help to develop new website ideas keeping your site fresh and dynamic
  • Marketing and Sales promotions and Email marketing
  • Create Digital Presentations
  • Create Sales and Marketing brochures for PDF or print (Low file size for email, high quality for print)
  • Produce a standard set of company Document Templates. Letterhead, Business cards, Invoices, Word Templates, email signatures etc
  • Produce posters and signage

The Solution

I can come to your business premises and work with you on a half, or full day basis.  This solution is highly productive and cost effective to your business no PAYE, NI, Holiday Pay costs etc.

I have found this to be a great way of working as your employees will be excited to have fast solutions to their problems, and I enjoy working with companies on this basis as it's fun and friendly and often helps employees fix issues they have been meaning to get done for some time.

A great deal can be achieved in a half or full day with SMEedia...!

How much does it cost?

The price for On-Site Multimedia Services are listed below.

  • Having me onsite is is from £30 per hour
  • A half day is typically 4 hours £100
  • A full day is typically 8 hours with 30 minutes for lunch. £200

What happens next?

Contact Carl on 0774 763 7448 or email