Aaron Publications

Aaron publications is a family company with roots in Lincolnshire, but  now firmly based in Warwickshire in the Midlands. It was formed in 2009 in order to publish ‘All-In-One to Grade 5’ after it had proved successful among Rachel’s own students and in the lunchtime theory classes which she taught in nearby schools.


Rachel maintains the content on her website.

Services Supplied

The client brief involved creating an eCommerce website design and integrate a social media Twitter feed.

Visual Identity

I worked closely with Rachel to continue the brand continuity with her previous website.  Rachel was keen to keep some design elements such as the notation images and musical notes seen in the header.  It was a simple case of designing the navigational structure of the eCommerce site and then creating all product imagery and data before populating the site with appropriate content.

My work involved:

  • Website Design & Structure
  • eCommerce Design
  • Image Sourcing Consultancy
  • Edit and Manipulation of all Digital Imagery
  • Remote Training
  • SEO

eCommerce Functionality

We worked very closely with Rachel to make sure the product structure and design was exactly spot on to enable the best user experience.

My work involved:

  • Designing Data Structure for eCommerce Functionality
  • Creating Custom Database Templates
  • Image Sourcing Consultancy
  • Edit and Manipulation of all Digital Imagery
  • Integration of Custom Code Functionality
  • Website Copywriting Consultancy
  • Remote Training

Website Hosting and Maintenance

Aaron Publications is hosted on SMEedia webserver and technical maintenance is carried out to ensure reliable service.

What the client thought

I am awaiting a few words from Rachel.

Rachel Why – Aaron Publications