Fulford Primary School

Fulford Primary School is a small village school and Nursery that provides a caring, safe, happy and stimulating environment. We encourage all children to become independent learners, in a positive learning climate that promotes mutual respect.


(Please Note: Since the client took control of the website, some features and functionality of the website may now be not as intended when the website was delivered to the client)

Services Supplied

Website Design and Build with Google Drive integration

Visual Identity

I designed and built this website for the school directly and based the look and feel on their existing logo, working closely with Andrew McFarlane, a school governor.

A pretty standard website really integration with the school Google drive account allowing the school to put polices and documents in dedicated Google Drive folders, which were then configured to display on selected web pages..

My work involved:

  • Website Design & Structure
  • Image Sourcing
  • Edit and Manipulation of all Digital Imagery
  • Adhering to Ofsted best practice and requirements for school websites
  • Integration of Google Drive
  • Export to client web server and configure
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) submit sitemap to Google and set up Google Analytics

What the client thought

I have never asked for any feedback from the school, but I am asked to perform updates occasionally so have to assume they are satisfied.